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Whether you are an athlete or entrepreneur, Sleepwell’s custom solutions for high-performance individuals helps you learn the sleep and wellness habits you need to succeed. Through the perfect combination of education, consultation, and connection, our consultants work closely with you to ensure that you develop healthy habits that boost your overall wellness and become an important component of your everyday regime.

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Sleepwell Performance works to educate and support high-performance individuals to ensure they have the healthy sleep habits needed for development, growth, and recovery. There is a link between poor sleep and an individual’s ability to train effectively, recover sufficiently and perform optimally.

Healthy sleep is important for everyone, but for high-performance individuals and athletes, sleep becomes a crucial pillar in their success. Most individuals know that strength and conditioning, good nutrition, and mental training are critical in reaching peak performance and optimal recovery. However sleep, while often overlooked and easily compromised, plays an equally important role in an individual’s daily regime. The quality and quantity of sleep individuals get can be the difference between winning and losing. Motor function, reaction times, motivation, focus, stress regulation, muscle recovery, memory and learning, muscle glycogen, unwanted weight gain, injury risks, illness rates, career duration and so much more are all impacted by our sleep (or lack of). Sleep is an essential tool in all that we do, and it is the key for ongoing success.

Sleep and Recovery for Athletes

Sleep is the foundation of an athlete’s Post Exercise Recovery and Regeneration (P.E.R.R). Sleep is the only time that an athlete is able to passively recover, and should be a component of every athlete’s injury prevention and rehab plan. Our bodies heal itself better than anything else, and often we are not spending enough time sleeping to allow for sufficient recovery. This leads to increased risk of injury, slower recovery time from injuries, burnout and ultimately shorter career durations.

One-on-One Consultation

Sleepwell works individually with clients on educating, supporting and providing specific custom sleep solutions for improving sleep hygiene and developing healthy sleep habits

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This presentation is perfect for teams, training groups, leaders, entrepreneurs or any group of high-performing individuals. We provide a one-hour presentation by a certified Sleepwell consultant followed by a question answer period. We will meet with the organization prior to the presentation to ensure the content presented speaks directly to the audience attending.

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