Corporate and Workplace Wellness Solutions

Our custom corporate solutions provide the education, tools, and strategies needed to help your employees find increased well-being, both physically and mentally. This translates to higher productivity, fewer lost-time injuries, and decreased absenteeism – all of which have a positive impact on your companies bottom-line.

Our programs are designed to address specific workplace issues you may be encountering. Whether you are looking to create and implement a fatigue risk management program or a psychological wellness program, the dynamic Sleepwell Consulting team has the expertise, experience and passion to help.

Our team thrives on the ability to educate, train, manage and support our clients and a better quality of life.

Custom Programs Designed with Your Company’s Goals In Mind

At Sleepwell Consulting, our programs are custom designed to help you reach your specific goals. Our consultants will work with every level of your company, from employee to manager, and unlike other programs, we weave facets of fatigue management and mental wellness into all of our programs ensuring that you receive the highest value of information available to make your program a success.

All of our training programs are delivered using our trademarked FITT Solutions method. This method allows us to deliver a program that yields high results for our clients.

Fatigue Risk Management Programs

Our Fatigue Management program educates your employees on the importance of sleep. Through customized on-site presentations, we teach them practical tools on how to improve their sleep so that they come to work engaged, productive, and confident.

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Psychological Wellness Programs

Our comprehensive Psychological Wellness programs are designed to take a company from A to Z in order to move from stigma to culture in the workplace. Our Sleepwell Consultants will work with your company to review gaps in your current programs, provide guidance on the development of supporting programs, and provide training for various levels of the organization.

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Better Results with Our FITT Solutions™ Method of Training

We approach all corporate and workplace training using our custom FITT Solutions™ method.

FOUNDATION: The fact-finding stage that allows us to meet with management to discuss challenges, core principles, key messaging and specific goals.

INFORMATION: The creation of Sleepwell’s essential education which includes our customized presentations and workshops to fit your goals.

TRAINING: Our delivery of fatigue management specifics which includes providing tools to help identify fatigue, create best practices and execute fatigue management strategies.

THRIVE: Once we leave we are not done. We want you to keep sleeping well so provide ongoing personalized one-on-one employee support and custom monthly articles to ensure you are thriving and sleeping well.

This trademarked approach to training allows us to deliver a program that yields high results for our clients.

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