9 Simple Exercises Your Employees Can Do to Fight Fatigue in the Workplace

Your employees are stretched thin–and it’s not just due to the demands of the workplace. Juggling other priorities in life while trying to maintain calm and consistency at work is tough. As responsibilities become overwhelming, emotions run high, and it seems like there’s never enough time to get everything done, their sleep is bound to get disrupted.

Which is why fatigue in the workplace is almost always inevitable.

By now, you have a firm understanding of how costly fatigue is to the workplace. That’s why you’ve implemented a fatigue management plan. You may not be able to take the reins and bring calm and balance to the lives of your employees, nor are you able to institute better sleep practices on their behalf, but you can encourage them to do a better job of managing their own physical and mental wellness.

One of the ways in which you do this is by suggesting various fatigue fixers they can use throughout the day to keep energy high. Specifically, encourage them to use these 9 exercises to fight fatigue in the workplace.

Exercising to Fight Fatigue in the Workplace

While your employee wellness program likely provides your team with discounted gym memberships and other outlets through which they can attend to their physical and mental wellness, it’s not always possible for employees to take advantage of these during the workday. Nor should they have to.

With just 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or even 30 minutes, your employees can quickly do some simple exercises to:

  • Relieve the aches and pains from sitting too long.
  • Rest their eyes after looking at a screen all morning.
  • Calm their nerves and lower their heart rates after intense client engagements.
  • Or boost their heart rates if they’re feeling lethargic after a slow morning or lunch.

Ultimately, it comes down to giving them the freedom and encouragement to break away from work and fight fatigue before it becomes a problem. Then, when they return, they’ll be full of energy and ready to push through the rest of the day with higher levels of productivity.

9 Simple Exercises Your Employees Can Use to Fight Fatigue:

1. Walk

fatigue in the workplace

If your office is located within a walkable city, this is one of the first exercises you can encourage employees to do. If they don’t want to or aren’t able to walk to and from work, give them a push to explore the area midday. Moving about in the sunshine and fresh air will give them a much-needed boost.

2. Climb the Stairs

fatigue in the workplace

By skipping the elevator and utilizing the stairs, or taking the long way around the building as they go from meeting to meeting, your employees will feel more alert. If they’re feeling more adventurous, they can use the stairs to do step-ups or to really push themselves and tackle more and more flights of stairs each day.

3. Pushups

fatigue in the workplace

Everyone knows how to do pushups, which makes this a great one for employees to start with. They’ll get their heart rate up while also strengthening their arm and core strength in the process.

4. Tricep Dips

fatigue in the workplace

Tricep dips are sort of like a reverse pushup in that their backs will be towards the floor as they push up and down. The nice thing about doing these at work is that employees can make use of chairs (stationary ones!) or desks, so they don’t have to get down on the ground to do this exercise.

5. Planks

fatigue in the workplace

Planks are nice as they’re an isometric exercise that forces you to hold a position for an extended period of time and really focus on maintaining strength while doing so. If your employees are reluctant to give pushups or tricep dips a try (at least right away), a plank would be a good starting exercise for them.

6. Wall Sits

fatigue in the workplace

When our bodies sit in chairs for too long, it’s easy for our bodies to fatigue and our backs to slump forward at angles that are bad for posture. Wall sits take the same idea of sitting in a chair, but force employees to support their body weight while keeping their backs straight.

7. Squats

Squats can be done in a number of ways, which gives your employees some flexibility and freedom in tackling this exercise. Whether they want to do a standard double leg squat, use their chair to do single leg squats, or even bring in a resistance band to increase the difficulty of the exercise, it’s up to them.

8. Lunges

fatigue in the workplace

After sitting all day in front of a computer, it’s nice to be able to get up and give your body a new way to move. Lunges provide employees with a chance to stretch out their hips, bend their legs, and amp up their heart rate.

9. Stretches

fatigue in the workplace

Stretches are, of course, an important part of any good exercise routine. Employees can stretch individual body parts like their necks, arms, calves, and back while seated or standing. If they want a more robust release, they can use yoga poses and stretches. WebMD cited a British study which demonstrated the physical and mental wellness benefits of yoga in the form of energy, confidence, and clear-mindedness, so this would be especially great for fighting fatigue.

The Power of Movement

These are, of course, just a starting point for your employees. But if you can help them get in the habit now of attending to their physical wellness, they’ll be better equipped to maintain a steady exercise routine on their own. In turn, they’ll be more capable and confident to fight midday fatigue, strengthen their bodies, and, eventually, sleep much better at night.

As the President and Founder of Sleepwell Consulting Inc. Amanda is a Sleep Educator who works with companies of all sizes to help promote better sleep and better business.

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