Boost Employee Energy and Productivity with These Fatigue Fixers

Workplace fatigue can be a costly matter for both your business’s productivity as well as your employees’ wellbeing. While there may not be much you can do to enforce better sleep practices or healthier lifestyle choices for your employees when they are not at work; you can promote a more energetic environment for them to work in by offering a few fatigue fixers.

When your employees feel more energetic, and they know you have their best interests at heart, it will be easier for them to be more productive at work. It is merely a matter of tapping into those energy-boosting habits to get them into the right state of mind.

Here are some tips for helping your employees beat fatigue and be more productive at work.

How to Help Your Employees Beat Fatigue and Be More Productive at Work

Fatigue Fixers

Your employees’ well-being needs to be a top priority for your business, for a number of reasons. One way to do this is to provide an environment that keeps them feeling energized. With more energy and more positivity, you will help them be more productive at work and feel more satisfied with the job they do.

Here are the five key areas to focus on:

Bring in Some Light

Much like how we need darkness to sleep well, so too do we need light to feel awake and energized. Within an office, this is not always easy to accomplish since you have no control over the building’s structure or office layout. However, you can help your employees get light in other ways:

  • Encourage them to step outside for lunch and get some natural light.
  • Invest in some light boxes for when employees need a little extra pep.
  • Don’t use curtains or blinds over the windows in your office.

Ditch the Candy

Fatigue Fixers

While chocolate and fatty carbs may taste great when you eat them, they are not going to do anyone any favors in the energy depart–at least not if you are trying to get through a full shift in one piece. You can help your employees make healthier choices with the following:

  • Don’t leave candy, doughnuts, and other unhealthy foods out for your employees.
  • Encourage everyone to start their day with a healthy breakfast, if they have not had time to eat before getting to work.
  • Stock your pantry or vending machines with high-fiber snacks like nuts, kale chips, etc.

Be Mindful of What You Offer to Drink

Caffeine is wonderful, isn’t it? Sometimes just a small amount will give you enough power to get through that tough task. However, caffeine can be harmful as well. Here are some suggestions on how to help employees keep themselves energized without compromising decompression later on in the day:

Get Them Moving

Some people equate sitting at a desk with being productive at work. However, that is not always the case if they are experiencing eye strain, body aches, or are too fatigued to wrap their brains around what they are working on.

If you can get your employees moving sporadically through the day, they will have an easier go at being productive when they are seated at their desks. Here are some ideas to get them moving:

  • Provide employees with discounts when they attend the local gym.
  • Offer lunchtime yoga sessions at work. Yoga is not only great for improving mood, but it helps with focus too.
  • Encourage employees to utilize the Pomodoro Technique, and use those short breaks to stand up, stretch, and walk around.

Help Them Sleep Better

Fatigue Fixers

Obviously, you will not be in your employees’ homes at night to make sure they get to sleep at the right time. However, by providing them with a more calm and cheerful environment during the day, you can contribute to a mental and physical state of being that leads to better sleep. Consider the following:

  • Offer areas where employees can sneak off for power naps (under 30 minutes).
  • Pay attention to your employees’ stress levels. The higher the stress, the more erratic the schedule, an increase of negativity in the environment can add to their fatigue.
  • Develop a sleep wellness program which provides resources that help employees get the sleep they need to be productive at work.

As an employer, it is important to stay cognizant of the telltale signs of workplace fatigue. The fatigue-busting tips above are just the start. A fatigue risk management plan will not only improve the safety of your workplace, but it will also have your employees feeling better and working more productively, too.

As the President and Founder of Sleepwell Consulting Inc. Amanda is a Sleep Educator who works with companies of all sizes to help promote better sleep and better business.

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